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Professional Licensed Soul Therapist International
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Vanessa Faria

Toronto Canada Matthew West

I serve women who’s greatest pains comes from feeling or being alone. She worries about not having or ever being enough in all aspects in their lives especially in intimate relationships and career. Women who are afraid that anything they say or do will not be accepted, or ‘right’ among the people and situations they are currently in.

Carolyn Goldfarb

New York & chicago

I serve women who are looking to find joy in their lives, and who desire to get free of what is holding them back from being who they are meant to be. They feel anxious, depressed, stuck, sad, dis-empowered, hopeless, disconnected from others, and misunderstood. They want more from life.

Crystal Rasmussen

Montana, USA

I serve women who are stuck in fear and co-dependent relationships. She forgot how to self care making the needs of every other person more important than her own. She never learned how to self love and own her truth, thus saying yes when she truly means no. She has become dis-empowered and does not believe in herself anymore.