39 Weeks Fire


Create Monthly goals with charted activity that provide clarity to attaining these goals by embracing a co-creative experience working with your deepest core desires. You will move into a powerful place in your life, healing relationships, past conditioning, forgiving traumatic and painful experiences. You will be given tools to creating healthy boundaries with family, clients, friends and experience a level of integrity that empowers you. Your Licensed Soul Therapist Training will give you a solid awareness and actionable steps to create powerful results in relationships, self love and trust, personal integrity, honesty, emotional well being, mental clarity and focus, independence and confidence in your own life and your clients. You will be provided with your Soul Therapist Manual in your 6th month of training to use as your procedure and operations manual for your business and with clients.

The #39 Fire – Physical Body is for you if:

  • You recognize it’s time to go deeper into your work as a healer, coach, holistic practitioner, therapist, lightworker & agent of change. You want to lead with your heart!
  • You are looking for the tools,techniques and methods of how to bring clients into a sacred space of deep healing, rapid transformation to clear their past patterning with effective long term results (and yours)
  • You want to surround yourself with a community of like minded and open hearted women from around the world?
  • You are tired of doing it alone and want support
  • You desire to have a teacher who will align you to your Souls Purpose and guarantee results.
  • You crave spiritual connection

You thrive when assisting others to breakthrough past conditioning such as: abusive behaviors, judgmental thought patterns, toxic relationships, unhealthy self esteem issues, self sabotaging behaviors and lack of self love.


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